Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?

Doctors of internal medicine are trained specifically to meet the health care needs of adult patients. Physicians in the Department of Internal Medicine focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases more commonly found in adults. Due to that specialized training, internists are often called upon to help health care providers answer some of the body's most puzzling questions. Its that knowledge that ensures our adult patients receive the best information possible when making very important health care decisions, no matter how complex that decision might be.

What is an “Internist”?

Simply put, internists are doctors of internal medicine. You may see them referred to by several terms, including "internists," "general internists" and "doctors of internal medicine." But don't mistake them with "interns," who are doctors in their first year of residency training.

General Internists are primary care physicians who treat the whole person.  An Internal Medicine physician may further sub specialize with additional training and more experience in a specific field.  These subspecialties include cardiology (heart), endocrinology (endocrine glands), pulmonology (lungs), and nephrology (kidneys) in addition to many others.

Service to Our Patients

At the Texas Tech Physicians Amarillo Department of Internal Medicine, we are making a new commitment to patient access and service. This includes friendly, compassionate, attentive care at every level from the front desk to the nurses, physicians, and business office. Part of this effort involves decreasing your waiting time, the number one complaint about physicians' offices nationwide. We will strive to be on time for your appointment.

Your Visits With Us

Visits to Our Office

• Under normal circumstances, or for an urgent need that is not an emergency, please call 354-5660 and our office staff will be happy to assist you. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

• New patients should arrive 30 minutes prior to their appointment time with the doctor in order to complete necessary paperwork.

• Existing patients can help us and other patients by arriving for your appointment on time and making sure the receptionist knows you are present.

• Please bring the following items with you in order for us to provide you the best patient care:

  •  Your current medications
  •  Your insurance card(s)
  •  Your photo ID
  •  You will be asked to pay your bill at the time of service. We will bill your insurance for you. If you have any questions regarding your account balance, you may discuss this with our business office staff at 354-5675.
  •  Unless your insurance plan requires otherwise, we use Northwest Texas Hospital  for your inpatient hospital care.

Need to See a Specialist?

  • If your doctor wishes for you to consults with one of specialists (Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, or Pulmonology), please have their office call to make your appointment. This ensures we can work with your doctor's office to obtain the needed records to provide you the best care.

Need Your Medication Refilled?

  • If your prescription from one of our providers is in need of renewal, please call your pharmacy and ask that they request a renewal on your behalf. Alternatively, you can call our offices at 806-354-5660. We will do our best to have the renewal completed quickly but please allow 48 hours before checking back.

Your Opinion Matters!!

• Our clinic utilizes a survey company by the name of Press Ganey to gauge your feelings regarding the quality and level of care that you receive while under our care.  If you are randomly sampled to complete this survey and receive one in the mail, please do so!  Let us know about areas we did well on or areas you think we could improve upon.  We value your feedback as we constantly work to improve our patients’ experience.

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