MyTeamCare is an online patient center that offers safe and convenient access to your physicians and personal medical information.

  • Request an appointment with your doctor’s office.
  • Check test results as soon as they are available.
  • Ask for a prescription refill.
  • Review your medical records and personal information
  • Communicate with your health care provider online.

MyTeamCare Sign-Up

1. Ask the clinic staff to sign you up.
Provide your email address and a pin number of your choice.

2. Follow the instructions on your sign-up email.
You will receive an email from “MyTeamCare” with a temporary password and a link to the sign-up website.

3. Complete the sign-up process online.
Answer the questions on the sign-up website to create an account and access your health information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access MyTeamCare?
Once you are signed up, use any web browser to visit to log in.

I need help. Who do I call?
Call the help desk at 806.743.4357.

Are my personal medical records safe online?
Your health information is private and secure. It can only be accessed with the password you choose.

What kind of information will be online?
Your medical history and documents like medication lists, allergies, immunizations, health issues, surgeries, procedures and some test results will be online.

What is Cerner Health and MyTeamCare?
Cerner Health is the company that provides the online patient center. MyTeamCare is the system that allows you to communicate with your provider and access your medical records. They are trusted partners of Texas Tech Physicians

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