Dr. Naghma Farooqi

Dr. Farooqi

"When my family moved to the U.S. everything was big and daunting, but the people were amazing. I quickly learned that they share well, award hard work and perseverance, and teach you how to enjoy life."

"I love my husband and our two children. The kids are into diving, swimming, singing, theater, and getting good grades. They really enjoy spending our hard earned money with no mercy."

"Obstetrics and gynecology is a genetic trait for me as my mom was an OB/Gyn and I was exposed to the wonders at a very early age. I assisted my mom with surgeries in high school, which was one way of spending more time with her. I quickly fell in love with the miracle at every birth and being part of a family's most joyous moment. Being able to solve patient problems, connecting with the patients and being a part of their lives is very enjoyable and humbling at the same time. Working with women is a lot of fun because they are very appreciative. How can you ever tire when you are constantly working in someone's circle of love?"

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