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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

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Joshua Demke, M.D. Lubbock Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Joshua Demke, M.D. and Texas Tech Physicians of Lubbock - Surgery provides new cosmetic treatments for men and women looking to erase fine lines and wrinkles or change certain facial features.

Cosmetic Procedures include:

  • Juvederm® chemical peels
  • Radiesse® laser hair removal

Both cosmetic procedures are performed in-office.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery / Plastic Surgery

Typically performed in an outpatient surgery center

Click here to view before and after photos of Dr. Demke's procedures.

Financial Responsibilities:

These procedures and surgeries are considered elective by insurance companies and therefore, are not paid by those insurance companies. Patients are expected to make full payment at the time of service.

Additional Information – Cosmetic Procedures


This is an injectable gel to replace hyaluronic acid in the skin. Brings back volume and smoothes away facial wrinkles and folds. Also used for fine lines, including marionette lines (lines running down from the corner of the mouth). Go to for more information.


Radiesse® stimulates natural collagen stimulation, restoring facial volume to smooth out the signs of aging. Visit for more information.

Additional Information – Facial Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty – a surgical procedure to improve the function or the appearance of the nose. It is also commonly called "nose reshaping" or "nose job". Rhinoplasty can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct trauma, birth defects or breathing problems.
  • Otoplasty – a cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of the external ears. It can take many forms, such as bringing the ears closer to the head (often called ear pinning), reducing the size of very big ears or reshaping various bends in the cartilage. Other reconstructive procedures deal with the deformed or absent ears. Otoplasty surgery can involve a combination of moving, reshaping, adding or removing structural ear elements.
  • Rhytidetomy – a face-lift procedure to help with sagging neck and jowls.
  • Endoscopic browlift – a minimally invasive procedure to help refresh tired looking brows.
  • Blepharoplasty – an eye lift procedure to rejuvenate sagging lids.

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