Expert Care for Coping With Headache Conditions

Treatment for adults and children 

At Texas Tech Physicians of Amarillo, our doctors, nurses and staff are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of common headache conditions. Our comprehensive, innovative, clinical care aims to provide personalized treatment plans for adult and pediatric patients. 

Specialized Clinical Services

Our multidisciplinary approach allows our staff to use physical therapy, nutrition, pain psychologists, interventional pain specialists and integrative medicine providers to improve your headaches. Commonly diagnosed and treated headache conditions include migraine headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia, along with other conditions that can affect adults and/or children. 

Amarillo Headache Clinic Building

Currently offering virtual appointments.
Call (806)-414-9241 to schedule.
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1400 South Coulter Street
Amarillo, TX 79106

Services and Treatment:

Lifestyle changes and natural/homeopathic recommendations
Nutritional counseling
Physical therapy
Injection therapy to include nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and botulinum toxin (Botox)
Acute rescue therapy for adults 

Our providers have a common goal of helping make your headaches manageable. To accomplish this, we will not prescribe opiate pain medications under any circumstance.

Expert-Driven Care

The Amarillo Headache Clinic staff provide expert-driven care through the Texas Tech Physicians Family Medicine and Pediatrics departments, ensuring individualized treatment plans for both you and your child. Our physicians and providers include:

Adult Headache Clinic

Evelyn Sbar, MD, FAAFP, AQH
Lezlie Harris, APRN, AQH

Pediatric Neurology

Diane Lebron, M.D.

For a list of doctors who provide family medicine and pediatric services, visit our find a doctor page.

 Established Headache clinic patients: If you are unable to get your headache controlled with your abortive plan and need immediate assistance, you may call us (806)-414-9241 for a block or injectable/IV therapy. (Available 8a -4p Monday-Friday.)