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January 24, 2021

I was very impressed with the thorough care and concern both the PA and the doctor offered me that day. They made me feel at ease and comfortable.

January 17, 2021

I have never had a more poor experience than this one. Pixley was rude. he would ask me a question and then cut me off every time. he told me I should have brought my medical paperwork from my referring provider from the VA. I could tell his staff is intimidated by him. I'll never see him again.

We regret that any patient should have a less than optimal experience, and we appreciate this comment as an opportunity to highlight areas we can improve.

January 17, 2021

doctor was to the point, very professional

January 10, 2021

I waited almost a year to get into see a rheumatologist. He asked me some questions and poked me and said I needed to lose weight. I had a positive ANA. I have one autoimmune disease so my symptoms from that are like symptoms of other autoimmune diseases. He said he didn't want to diagnose me , that it was probably fibromyalgia, and that he would see me in 4 weeks. I told him naproxen doesn't work for me and that is what he prescribed. I just want answers. If I don't have lupus or RA great! at least do bloodwork so we can know what's going on. I know that I'm overweight but that is not what's causing me to feel this way. When I weighed less I felt the same. Don't just dismiss a patient. We go in scared looking for answers - we don't expect to just be 'blown off.' We are not 'crazy' or 'hypochondriacs.' Please take our concerns seriously. Do the bloodwork. Listen to us. Don't make us feel ashamed for feeling sick.

We value all our patients and take your concerns seriously. We apologize for this experience and appreciate the feedback as an opportunity to improve upon future appointments.

January 10, 2021

The Dr. acted like he was being bothered. He didnt really put in any effort to see if I had any other conditions going. He made no helpful suggestions other than to take all my muscle relaxers at night. Mind u that I had already tried that. I kept offering to send a release to my PCP of my current lab work done. Overall I felt I had driven 2 hrs for nothing. I was so disappointed in the visit & the doctor. I would not recommend him to anyone. If anything I feel its time for him to retire.

Our goal is for every patient to feel heard. We appreciate this feedback as an opportunity to improve.

January 3, 2021

I was taken very good care of and from the resident to Dr Pixley I was satisfied with their swift action and care

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