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Our team is here to help you navigate big, life-altering changes as well as those times when something just doesn’t feel “quite right.”

Our experienced psychiatrists, and therapists take a comprehensive approach to helping you acquire the insights and tools you need to find balance, confidence and peace in your life.


Adult is any individual over the age of 18. We offer psychological testing, treatment and intervention for adults of all ages including the geriatric community.

Group Counseling

Supportive group counseling unites individuals with similar symptomology to promote healing and empowerment. Group work allows for the expression of thoughts, emotions and experiences in a supportive and safe environment. Expression in a safe and supportive environment helps adults and children to grow in their social emotional understanding of their diagnosis and symptoms. The social learning and expression that can occur in a group setting increases a person's insight and knowledge of their disorder.

Texas Tech Group Support

Available through zoom, support groups are a great way to meet individuals with similar symptomology. Click here for list of available support groups. Groups vary in size and are exclusive to specific age groups. A mental health professional facilitates the group to establish, norms, expectations, size and determine open or closed group status. Group therapy is beneficial for those who would like to meet others whom they may be able to identify with. Click here to sign a consent form for group participation.

Open Groups

Open to clients that can choose to enter and exit at anytime

Closed Groups

Window for participation is limited and will close upon the direction of facilitator.

Adult support groups currently available:
Depression  |  Anxiety | COVID-19

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Adult Support Groups 

Additional Information
Support groups via zoom are no cost, participants must agree to an informed consent. Stating you understand the importance of confidentiality and agree to respect the process of group work.

Important items to consider in group work:

• Allow others to speak
• Listen empathetically
• Show yourself on the camera
• Find opportunities to participate don’t just observe
• Respect the thoughts and feelings of others
• Never discuss what occurs in group outside of group
• Follow the facilitator’s instructions