A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach

Specialized team providing success through collaboration.

Center of Excellence in Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease (also called peripheral arterial disease) is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to the limbs. This condition is a prevalent and underdiagnosed disease in West Texas and can cause many symptoms ranging from mild claudication to ischemic necrosis and subsequent limb amputation. The study of PAD is an important area of research in cardiology as there is relatively little information on the outcomes of PAD treatment.

The Center of Excellence in Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Treatment at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is focused on providing successful screening, treatment, and education of PAD through collaborative efforts of multidisciplinary clinicians at Texas Tech Physicians. 

Syptoms and explanation Graphic of peripheral artery disease

Our mission is to coordinate a multidisciplinary treatment approach for patients diagnosed with PAD. Our team of specialists includes:

• Interventional cardiologists who specialize in peripheral endovascular
   intervention as well as vascular surgeons

• Imaging cardiologists
• Wound care specialists
• Podiatrists

Additionally, our team includes specialists who cover additional risk factors, such as endocrinologists, rheumatologists, orthopedics, and nephrologists. 


Screening and Diagnostic Modalities

• Screening test at TTUHSC CCVH
• ABI/TBI and Ultrasound-UMC Ultrasound Lab
• CT Scan and MRI-UMC Radiology
• Lower extremity angiograms: UMC Cath lab

Treatment Modalities

• PAD-CLI (CLTI) program includes all kinds of endovascular and surgical procedures
  performed at TTUHSC-UMC

Endovascular procedures are performed at the UMC Cardiac Cath Lab which includes new techniques and device utilization, including wires and crossing catheters, balloons, stents, atherectomy devices, thrombectomy devices, and state of the art new technology through newer clinical research trials. The program is in collaboration with Vascular surgery, performed in UMC’s state of the art operating rooms. 

Strategic Goals

1. Collaborative Research 

• Expand the clinical research scope for various ongoing clinical research efforts and trials 

2. Patient Care 

• Collaboration with physicians across West Texas to improve PAD patient care

3. Education

• Increase research exposure education for patients
• Increase education for primary care providers
• Increase opportunities for medical students to obtain research experience
  during their medical curriculum

Meet the Team

Mac Ansari, MDDirector and Interventional Cardiology
Scott Shurmur, MDLipidologist,Patron and Chief of Cardiology 

Dixon Santana, MD Vascular Surgery 
Aliakbar Arvandi, MD Cardiac Imaging 
Nandini Nair, MD Congestive Heart Failure
Jason Wischmeyer, MD Interventional Cardiology
Leigh Ann Jenkins, MD Interventional Cardiology

Ralph Paone, MD (Cardiothoracic Surgeon)
Pooja Sethi, MD (Cardiac Imaging)
Deepak Swaminath, MD (Electrophysiologist)
Ankush Lahoti, MD (Interventional Cardiology)
Erwin Argueta, MD (Cardiology, Congestive Heart Failure)
Marina Iskandir, MD (Interventional Cardiology)
Wei Li, MD (Vascular Surgery)

Camilo Pena, MD (Nephrology: Transplant)
Kenneth Nugent, MD (Pulmonary)
Jerry Grimes, MD (Orthopedics)
Jose Beceiro, MD (Endocrinology)
John Pixley, MD (Rheumatology) 
Lukman Tijani, MD (Hematology) 

TTUHSC Orthopedics-Podiatry
Shirley McReynolds, FNP (Family Medicine, Wound Care)
Lindsey Mireles, FNP (Surgery, Wound Care)
Sara Tello, APRN, FNP-C (Smoking Cessation Clinic)
John Norbury, MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) 

Afzal A. Siddiqui, PhD (Internal Medicine Vice Chair of Research)
Michael Phy, MD (Internal Medicine Residency Program Director)
Christopher Piel, MD (Emergency Medicine Chief)
Ron Cook, MD (Family Medicine Chair)
Asif Farooq, MD (Director of Hospitalist Program)

Ronnie Orozco, MS Manager
Steven Daley Research Aid
Victoria Acosta Clinical Aid

Braden Cook Director of CCVH
Jessica Garrison Director of UMC Cath Lab 
Mary Amador Head Nurse
Tasha Jones Nurse

Nick Skeen VP and COO UMC 
Kendalyn Rising Institutional Advancement TTUHSC 

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