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Grief is a normal response to loss. Grief can be defined as the painful emotion resulting from loss. Losses other than death can cause the experience of grief.  Losses include: divorce, natural disasters, relocating, medical diagnosis, termination of relationships or occupation. Grief therapy will help you to learn the process and emotions associated with grief to help you better understand and heal from the changes that have impacted your life.

The grieving process occurs in stages, the process is unique to each individual and can shift unpredictably. Our trained professionals are here to meet you in your journey to healing no matter where you are in the process or the level of prevention you may need. 

Stages of Grief

1. Shock & Disbelief
2. Denial
3. Guilt
4. Anger & Bargaining
5. Depression / Loneliness / Reflection
6. Reconstruction and Working Through
7. Acceptance

Levels of Prevention

Primary prevention death education and interventions used to prevent before it occurs. 

Counseling for those whose death is know to be difficult (suicide) unexpected death, intervention for those at risk for developing a problem.

Treatment of complicated bereavement, used to reduce harmful consequences developed from the loss.


• Death education and Counseling
• Military death
• Loss of a child


Suicide / Suicide Survivor

Safety considerations are a top priority for our clients suffering from suicidal afflictions. Texas Tech clinicians are here to enhance safety, provide resources and help clients build skills to optimize their healing and future.  Whether you are a survivor of suicide or suffer from suicidal ideation, suicide prevention therapy and interventions teach clients coping skills and help to create safety plans for future occurrences and obstacles


• National Suicide Hotline
Texas Suicide Hotline (by area)